Double wire fence

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Double wire fence

Double wire fences, also known as mesh sheet or twin wire fence panel are a sturdy and reliable option for a variety of applications. These wire fences are made from horizontal and vertical wires which are welded together, creating a strong and durable barrier. Double wire fences are popular for use in residential, commercial, and industrial settings and offer a range of benefits.

Types of double wire fence

The standard mesh size is 2" x 8" (50 mm x 200 mm) and there are 2 different types. A 4/6/4 GA (6/5/6 mm) and a stronger and more rigid 0/4/0 GA (8/6/8 mm). The heights of the panel is very flexible but the standard sizes in our product range are:

  • 4' (1230 mm)
  • 6' (1830 mm)
  • 8' (2430 mm)

All these height can also be ordered without the spikes at the top. Different heights outside the standard are available on request.


The double wire panels come in 4 standard colors but every color you want is available on request. The 4 standard fence panel colors are:

  • RAL 9005 Jet Black
  • RAL 7016 Antracite Grey
  • RAL 6005 Moss Green
  • RAL 6009 Fir Green


One of the main advantages of double wire fences is their strength and durability. The double layer of powdercoating provides extra support and makes the fence more resistant to damage from impacts or weathering. Double wire fences are also low maintenance and do not require painting or staining like wood fences do. All the panels have a zinc layer underneath the coating. The standard is made from galvanized wire which is welded but we can also deliver panels which are made from black steel wire and afterwards hot dipped galvanized.

Another benefit of double wire fences is their versatility. They can be used for a variety of applications, including residential fencing, animal enclosures, and industrial security. Double wire fences are also available in different styles and sizes to suit your specific needs. For example, double wire mesh fences are a popular choice for residential and commercial properties and are available in different gauges and heights. 

Fence posts

With every mesh sheet comes a fence post. In combination with our double wire fence panels we have a lot of different fence post systems. Most of the time the post system is country specific. For example in Germany the most common system is a rectangular fence post and in the Netherlands a round fence post. In countries like the USA and United Kingdom a square post is the system which is used the most. 

All fencing posts have their own fencing brackets and product properties. With the intermediate brackets for round fencing posts and for the deluxe brackets, the fencing panel is mounted between the 2 posts and the fencing looks the same from both sides. If you choose the multi-post, for example, the fencing will be mounted on the front of the post. This makes the front and back of the fence look different,

In conclusion, double wire fences are a strong, durable, and versatile option for a variety of applications. From residential fencing to industrial security, there is a double wire fence to suit your needs. Consider the material, style, size, and purpose of the fence when making a decision.

Applications for double wire fence panels

  • Schools
  • Industry
  • Housing
  • Public places
  • Infrastructure
  • Sports fields

Advantages of our double wire fence package in the configurator

Double wire fences, which you design with our double wire fence package configurator, are among the most popular fences worldwide and are considered true “all-rounders”. They boast a number of positive properties and advantages that come into play in private as well as commercial and industrial areas.

In addition to high weather resistance and a long service life, double wire fence panels are:

  • cost-effective
  • easy-care
  • low maintenance
  • visually appealing
  • suitable for children and pets thanks to the tight mesh
  • can be combined with garden plants
  • can be used as a privacy screen using optional privacy strips
  • can be cast in concrete
  • to a certain extent protective against break-ins
  • quick and easy to install
  • available with different post designs
  • can be planned according to individual needs using the double rod mesh fence configurator

How does the double wire fence configurator work?

The double wire fence package configurator helps you plan your double wire mesh fence (also twin wire mesh fence) and supports you in finding the right fence elements and the ideal accessories. Configuring the double wire mesh fence ensures that your fence ultimately meets your personal wishes.

And it's that easy to configure your double wire fences:

Step 1: Start directly on this page with the double wire fence package configurator.
Select fence color, wire size, height, fence post design and mounting type, situation in meters, gates, concrete or fence post anchors and post caps.
Step 2: Check your selection again for completeness.
Step 3: Click on “Add to Cart”.
Step 4: Complete your order by entering your details and completing the payment process. You will then receive an order confirmation by email.

Benefits of our double wire fence configurator

With our configurators you can configure our complete packages of double wire mesh fence. If, like most of our satisfied customers, you decide on the complete set, we will supply you with all the necessary fence elements and the appropriate number of fence panels, fence posts and all the needed fence materials. The double wire fence configurator offers a reliable planning aid for your project and ensures that you will have a lot of fun with your new, high-quality fence system from Fenceweb in a short time.

Benefit from the advantages of the clever double wire mesh fence configurator:

  • intuitive operation
  • helpful information in the info dialogs - marked with the “i”
  • live images
  • transparent price
  • the number of fence posts is automatically calculated by the configurator depending on the fence length.
  • downloadable data sheet and installation instructions for the double wire fence.

What you should pay attention to when using our double wire fence configurator

Before you start entering your individual double wire fence in the double wire fence configurator, you should pay attention to a few things when using it, which we have summarized for you below. Basically, the fence panel configurator guides you completely intuitively through the entire ordering process and provides you with helpful information and clear videos at important points.

You should pay attention to this with the wire mesh fence configurator:

  • A wire thickness of 4/6/4 GA (6/5/6 mm) is suitable for private gardens, a wire thickness of 0/4/0 GA (8/6/8 mm) is also suitable for industrial and commercial use.
  • Measure the desired height and length of your double wire mesh fence in advance.
  • If you would like to subsequently weave privacy strips (fence slats) into the fence line made of double wire mesh, we recommend the post version with cover strips and fence posts to be set in concrete.
  • If you need additional fence posts (e.g. on slopes where the distances between the posts can be reduced), please add them afterwards manually.
  • By selecting the coating color you determine the look of your double wire mesh fence. Make sure that the color and surface fit harmoniously into the overall design of your garden.

If you would like further information or tips about the double wire fence configurator, you can reach our customer service at any time. Just get in touch with us.

Service from Fenceweb

Order your double wire fence from Fenceweb and, in addition to the smart assistance provided by our fence configurator, benefit from our extensive services and the highest quality standards that we place on our high-quality fence systems. Because we know what lies behind the quality of our selected, high-quality products, we grant you a manufacturer's guarantee of up to 15 years.

From the beginning to the end of your fence project, we will reliably assist you with the purchase the fence panels with the double wire fence configurator and a personal contact person.